December Blogs

What does our Body Love Balm do?

Your body is a temple, and you only get one chance to take care of it. As we get busier going into the new year, it is so important to keep up with everything your body needs to thrive and be the strongest it can possibly be. 

We made our hand crafted Love Balms to fit any lifestyle, and to show your body love. To make it even better, Ridgway Hemp Co is dedicated to creating products with the highest quality, organic, and sustainably wildcrafted herbs. Here are some fun facts about a few of the ingredients in our Body Love Balm: 

The Body Love Balm helps you recover from the stresses and tensions of daily life and soothes, moisturizes, and helps your body to cope with your busy schedule. Along with all of our other Love Balms, our Body Love Balm contains Organic Herbs, Organic Coconut, Olive Oils, naturally-rich Essential Oils, and legal premium hemp CBD oil ingredients in 100 percent biodegradable and compostable packaging. Does it get any better than that?

Arnica Flower & Leaf

Did you know the yellow packaging is inspired by the Arnica Flower? Arnica is the flower known to help pain within the body. We use it specifically in the Body Love Balm because it has been shown to aid swelling and bruising. Mistakes happen, and we want to keep your body healthy and glowing! Other than topical products, Arnica can also be used in beverages and all kinds of food. Try it out next time you’re cheffing it up in the kitchen. 

Comfrey Leaf

This leaf has been used in medicine all over the world! Similar to Arnica Flower, it can be used to treat sprains, swelling and bruises. This ingredient is used in our other Love Balms due to how versatile it can be. Whether it is an ankle sprain, back pain, dry skin or aches, Comfrey treats the pain that your body wants to leave behind. Unlike Arnica, Comfrey is not meant to be ingested, so you will most likely find it in different ointments and creams. 

Treat your body with love every single day! Shop our Body Love Balm here.