March Blogs

Quarantine Routine: Practice Self-Love! 

During this time of social distancing, it can be easy to neglect self-care by spending hours scrolling through your phone or watching one more Netflix episode. Instead, we encourage you to use this extra time to create some self-love habits! Here are some easy activities you can do right from home (and with help from Ridgway Hemp)!


All you need to meditate is a few minutes and a quiet space! Meditating promotes stress relief and brings you a sense of calm and happiness. Right now, your mind may be wandering in a thousand different places. Meditating can give you the ability to completely empty your mind. For more help, find guided meditation recordings online. Don’t forget to bring The Big D CBD oil along to keep a healthy mood all day long! 


Even though you may not have access to the gym or your favorite fitness studio, at-home workouts can still be effective and get your endorphins pumping! If you have access to the internet, many fitness connoisseurs are posting free workouts with minimal equipment. Even if it’s just participating in the 10 pushup challenge on Instagram, try and be active every day. After your at-home sweat session, apply the Muscle Love Balm for that fire and ice your muscles crave! 

Take a technology break

Set aside a few minutes to do something that doesn’t involve staring at a screen! The options are endless! Read that book you’ve been meaning to start, solve a puzzle, play a board game, try a new recipe, put your phone down and listen to a podcast, or get outside to take the pup for a walk! Less screen time is better for your brain and overall health. 

Start a new skincare routine

Over time, the environment can wear down your skin making it dry and tough. To prevent wrinkles and signs of aging, developing a healthy and consistent skincare routine can make a world of a difference. Get into a routine! If your skin has been dry, make sure you are applying moisturizer to your skin multiple times a day. Our Skin Love Balm contains Calendula Flower which will help heal irritated and cracked skin! Calendula is also extremely gentle and safe to use on all skin types and even the kiddos!