Our Process 

Our production process begins with sourcing the highest quality certified organic ingredients and sustainable packaging available.

After our rigorous quality assurance process, we start by weighing out and combining the dry herbs specific to each formula in 30 gallon stainless steel barrels. The combination of dried herbs is then “wetted” overnight with a small amount of certified organic cane alcohol. This process opens the cell walls of the herbs, making the medicine more available for extraction. The following morning we add the certified organic olive and coconut oils to the certified organic herbs and begin the “rocking” process. Two barrels at a time are placed on our custom-built rocker that moves the mixture back and forth constantly for 48 hours. This process extracts the medicine from the herbs and infuses it into the oil. 


Next the mixture is removed from the barrels by hand and put through our custom-built hydraulic pressing system, where the infused oil is pressed and filtered, leaving the dry botanical material that is composted back into our farm (or the lands surrounding our facility). At this point we are ready to begin the final stage of preparing the balms.


The pouring stage begins by gently melting our certified organic beeswax overnight.  The following morning the infused oil is mixed by hand into the molten beeswax. Then the certified organic hemp-derived Full Spectrum CBD is blended into the mixture. Because of the volatile nature of pure essential oils, they are the final ingredient to be added. After they are blended into the mixture, the molten balm is ready to be hand poured into tubes. Each biodegradable-compostable paper tube is placed into our custom filling trays and carefully filled by hand. After cooling, the tubes are delicately finished by hand with care and attention to aesthetic detail.

Our entire production process is infused with love and positive energy, with the intention that our products will benefit the health and wellness of others while upholding rigorous quality standards and practices.