Our Story

Ridgway, Colorado (elevation 7,000 feet) is the idyllic mountain town we get to call home. We started our herbal company here 18 years ago specializing in “high altitude herbs” grown here at our farm. We understand that herbs and plants are most effective when allowed to play together. About a year ago we decided to bring our tried-and-true herbal remedies to more people by inviting a new plant to the party — Certified Organic Hemp-derived Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Ridgway Hemp Company was born!

We brought in a natural industry veteran with 30 years of experience and passion for the industry to take several of our top-selling herbal formulas and combine them with Certified Organic Hemp-derived Full Spectrum CBD Oil. We’re also utilizing our experience to formulate new products. We’re excited to bring the first-ever Vegan Vitamin D and CBD combination to the market.

Our core passions and values include:

  • Transparency from seed to shelf
  • Ongoing testing on all of our starting ingredients and finished products through certified third party labs
  • Compliance in all regards, from our labels to our facility
  • Sustainability, from our ingredients to our biodegradable and compostable packaging
  • USDA Certified Organic ingredients
  • Plant based formulas for vegans and the environmentally conscious

Ridgway Hemp Company’s mission is to promote optimal health and vital living with certified organic botanical products that are artfully handcrafted from herbs grown in harmony with the Earth.