November Blogs

Love The Skin You’re In

It’s officially December, which means we are in the season of dry, itchy and irritated skin. Luckily, with a few easy tips, you can keep your skin glowing into the cold winter months. 

Taking care of your skin year-round is so important! Did you know that our skin is the biggest barrier against infection that our body has? That’s why it is so crucial to keep up with a skin care routine.

Our skin is already going through so much when the seasons change, so this is not the time to try out a new skin product with harsh chemicals. During the colder months, it may be beneficial to use gentle products, especially when it comes to hand soaps that market themselves to fight off colds. Some of the ingredients in these products will leave your skin barrier extremely dry. Look for soaps that have natural ingredients, like coconut oil or olive oil.  

Even though the sun isn’t shining all winter long, that doesn’t mean the UV rays aren’t harming your skin. No matter how many clouds in the sky, make sure you are applying sunscreen every day. You’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to treat dark spots, or even skin cancer. 

If you struggle with dry skin, try turning down the heat in the shower. It can be easy to come home after a long day and crave a hot shower or bath, but extremely hot showers (especially the ones that turn your skin red) can be extremely dehydrating. If you can’t handle a lukewarm shower, keep your bathroom door closed to lock in steam, and make sure you moisturize right after. 

The cool air makes your skin dry, so apply moisturizer to your skin multiple times a day. If you constantly forget to moisturize after a shower or bath, it is easy for skin to become flakey underneath clothes. Our Skin Love Balm contains Calendula Flower, which will help heal irritated and cracked skin! Calendula is also extremely gentle and safe to use on all skin types and even the kiddos! 

Don’t let the winter weather and snow take away your glow! All of our Ridgway Love Balms contain natural ingredients that are gentle, and perfect for year-round use.