November Blogs

How To Show Your Body Love During The Holidays

It’s officially the holiday season! It’s the time of family, joy, and gratitude. Although, this time of the year can come with stress and anxiety that can fatigue your body. Thankfully, we’re here to help! Here are a few tips on how to take care of your body during the holidays. 

  • Get those Z’s

We know work doesn’t stop over the holidays. Sometimes, it can seem even busier. To maintain energy levels, make sure you are getting a healthy amount of sleep every night (most adults need six to eight hours) to ensure you can take on the day. Try lathering our Body Love Balm before you hit the pillow. The essential oils will have you relaxed and ready for bed!

  • Make healthy food choices

One of the best parts of the holidays? The food! It can be easy to indulge during this time of year. Especially when New Years is just around the corner and you tell yourself you’ll “start over.” Instead of developing unhealthy eating habits for multiple weeks, try and make smart food choices between the decadent holiday dinners. Your body and your health will thank you later. Besides, it will make those desserts taste even better on Christmas Day! 

  • Sweat it out

Nothing makes you feel more empowered than a great workout. When you have a few free hours in your day, hit the gym and get moving for at least 30 minutes. Exercise helps improve your energy, strength and happiness! If you’re feeling sore after a sweat session, try our Muscle Love Balm! It has the fire and ice to keep your muscles pushing through those holiday workouts. 

  • Get your holiday shopping done early

No one likes a last minute shopping trip. You know, the ones that take over an hour just to find a parking spot? Instead of stressing out about your shopping, try getting it done early. Take advantage of some Black Friday sales or search the web for deals. The best shopping is the kind you can do in your pajamas! Check out our website and social media to keep up with our holiday discount codes!

  • Take some time to yourself

We do love our family, but sometimes we need to be alone for some self care. This can look different for everyone. Take a bath, do a face mask, go for a run, or try creating a new recipe. Spending some time alone will let you destress and give you time to recharge. If your doing a skin care night, our Skin Love Balm will give some TLC to your dry skin. If you decide to try a new recipe, find one to put The Big D CBD oil in! The options are endless!